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  • ORGANIC - FAIRTRADE - GLUTEN-FREE Contains: hazelnuts, milk and soja. May contain traces of almonds and pistachios. Belvas chose the name “hand in hand” to evoke the solidarity aspect and the cooperation between the North and the South. From bean to chocolate, the extraordinary journey of these pralines begins in Central and South America: 2 varieties with an incredible subtle taste. For the pleasure of tasting some of the best cocoa in the world, fairtrade certified !
  • ORGANIC - FAIRTRADE - GLUTEN-FREE Contains: almonds, hazelnuts, milk and soy. May contain traces of pistachios. A small assortment box filled with delicious pralines, in a range of flavours to delight all gourmets: – coconut manont – white moka – dark caramel hand – manon almonds – Brut de Noir – manon hazelnuts – manon orange – milk praline hand The perfect gift for all chocolate connoisseurs.