Bulk chocolates direct from the growers

Black 85%
Armayari – Pérou

Direct from the village of Armayari (Acopagro cooperative) in the Amazon, this is a pure Trinitario Nativo bean with an exceptionally fruity flavour and a high percentage of cocoa without becoming bitter. A wonderful discovery with a taste of adventure.

Black 70% – Roasted almonds, toasted coconut and a hint of salt
Daloa – Ivory Coast

We have launched a unique programme to convert 960 farmers/families to organic production by building a processing plant in the town of Daloa. We are proud to offer you this first organic bar, with roasted almonds, toasted coconut and a hint of salt. The price includes a direct premium of 20 euro cents to growers converting to organic farming.

Milk – Caramelised hazelnuts and a touch of salt
Conacado – Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic

The Conacado cooperative offers beans of great flavour that combine perfectly with the sweetness of milk chocolate. Our hazelnuts, selected in Piedmont and caramelised in our workshop, will help you rediscover the magical combination of cocoa, hazelnuts and caramel.

To find out more about our DIRECT actions with cocoa farmers, go to www.directcocoa.org