A taste of the best

In addition to its fair trade certifications, over the years Belvas has developed a complete range of 100% organic pralines and truffles with the main theme of “returning to basic authentic tastes”: dark chocolate 72% cocoa minimum 50% hazelnut praline, “homemade” crème fraîche caramel, almond and pistachio praline, ganache, etc. No artificial colourings, preservatives, flavourings or flavour enhancers are used in our pralines!

Today, 55% of Belvas sales are made in independent specialist organic shops throughout Europe. Exporting as organic means not only having to comply with even stricter traceability standards (HACCP), but also accepting audits to guarantee 100% organic quality.

We are certified organic by Certisys.

Authentic ingredients

Belvas brings together for you the treasures the earth has to offer: cocoa from Santo Domingo for its fruity and spicy nuances, highly aromatic cocoa from Peru, cane sugar from Paraguay, and deliciously sweet coconut from Sri Lanka. The pistachios and hazelnuts, crunchy and tasty, come directly from Murcia and Sicily.

Belvas is constantly on the lookout for the best ingredients to tantalise your taste buds.