High-quality chocolate

Our watchword: nothing but natural, from the 72% cocoa chocolate to the butter, the organic almonds from Murcia, the organic hazelnuts from Piedmont, the organic pistachios from Sicily, the organic crème fraîche (local, of course!), the vanilla and all the other ingredients used in chocolate making.

No preservatives, no colourings, no flavour enhancers, no flavourings, no GMOs, no hydrogenated fats. Our products are also gluten-free.

The variety of flavours in our range of chocolates is achieved solely by the different origins of the ingredients, making our products a true discovery of the best the earth has to offer.

Our challenge: to prove that organic and fair trade products taste as good as they do for people and nature.

Health is one of our main concerns. Whether it’s the health of those who taste our chocolates, the health of our employees, or the health of the small producers who, thanks to organic farming, avoid contact with chemicals.

All our products are Fairtrade certified. We believe that we owe the countries of the South a debt of gratitude for the wonderful raw materials we use, and consider fair trade to be a duty.

Belvas wants to take the ‘sustainable’ approach even further. In 2009, we set ourselves a new challenge: to become the first ecological chocolate factory. A new workshop was built in Ghislenghien, and all the chocolate factory’s processes were reviewed with this in mind.

And they succeeded. In 2011, Belvas was crowned “Europe’s most environmentally-friendly micro-enterprise” by the European Commission, winning the EMAS award in this category in Warsaw.

And in 2012, Belvas was nominated for a Silver Award in the Responsible Economy category by the Alliances network in the Nord-Pas-de-Calais region, and won the Hainaut Horizons prize (the sustainable development prize of the province of Hainaut).

Belvas, pure cocoa for real chocolate.