Fully Fairtrade and traceable partner cooperatives

Our raw materials come from the best origins: cocoa from Peru and Santo Domingo, organic coconuts from Sri Lanka and coffee from the Congo. This guarantees a ‘fully traceable’ supply chain from producer to consumer.

The coconut we use comes from St. Anne’s Factory Enterprises Ltd.

harvesting coconut flower juice

Coconut shelling

St. Anne’s Factory is a manufacturer of coconut products from Sri Lanka. Founded in 1950 by Newton Perera, its factory is located on the west coast of Sri Lanka, where the climate is ideal for growing coconuts.

From its finely dried coconuts to its exotic coconut oil, St. Anne’s Factory prides itself on harvesting only the finest quality coconuts.
Unrivalled in both quality and world-class standards of practice, St. Anne’s Factory has become one of Sri Lanka’s most trusted suppliers of coconut products.

More information about St. Anne’s Factory Enterprises Ltd: http://www.cocoana.com