An unwavering commitment to the environment

In 2011, we obtained EMAS set out by the European Commission.

Among a host of measures and behavioural changes, Belvas is now self-sufficient in energy for 50% of its needs, thanks to the installation of 396 photovoltaic panels and a unique system for recovering the heat rejected by the air conditioning.

The energy in the hot air is transformed into hot water, which is then used to melt the chocolate during the production of pralines and truffles. That same year, the European Commission awarded us the European EMAS prize, making us “Europe’s most environmentally-friendly micro-business”. EMAS certification comprises a multitude of criteria and a permanent discipline that are certified by an external audit. These include the drafting and publication of an Environmental Statement setting out annual assessments and targets. You will find it here.

Belvas, Northern Europe’s first ecological chocolate factory

Belvas is an innovator in the development of a sustainable economy. We defend the principles and actors of fair trade established by Fairtrade Belgium and certified by FLO-Cert (Fairtrade Labeling Organization).

We comply with organic standards certified by Certisys.

We have designed and built a chocolate factory that is ecological in its manufacturing processes.

Belvas also participates in several recycling programmes, such as the transformation of organic waste into bio-methanisation.

These disciplines and their control are carried out without the slightest compromise to the quality of our products. On the contrary, by using ingredients of the highest quality and natural ingredients, the flavours of our products are authentic. By constantly striving to maintain this quality, we want to show chocolate lovers who place their trust in us that an ethical product can also be delicious.

In collaboration with the Agro Bio Tech University in Gembloux, Belvas is conducting research into dairy ingredients, conservation and the crystallisation of lecithin-free organic chocolate.