Established in 2005, Belvas is a Belgian chocolate manufacturer certified organic and Fairtrade.

We process all our ingredients in the traditional way, with no added preservatives, colourings, flavourings or flavour enhancers, no hydrogenated fats and no GMOs.

By refusing to use chemicals and selecting organic products, Belvas ensures the well-being and health of its employees, producers and consumers. So, without denying its demand for quality and always ready to offer gastronomic products, Belvas offers chocolates:

  • gluten-free
  • no alcohol
  • no added sugar – with inulin

All our chocolates are certified organic and fair trade.

Our mission is to make tasty chocolate while ensuring that farmers enjoy a sustainable income. Our projects in Peru and Côte d’Ivoire enable us to pay farmers a decent income, without intermediaries. Our partner co-operatives are shareholders and members of the Board of Directors to ensure that cocoa farmers receive a fair return.

For the little story...

The name Belvas comes from the contraction of “Bel” for Belgium and “vas”, which expresses “good for the South”.

The Belvas logo, stylised by two clasped hands, is representative of cooperation between North and South. It evokes the cocoa bean, handmade craftsmanship and sums up Belvas’ mission: pure cocoa, for real chocolates, a return to authentic tastes.