An ecological commitment without defect

Belvas is “the first ecological chocolate factory in northern Europe”.
In 2011, we have obtained EMAS certification awarded by the European Commission.

Today, thanks to many behavioral measures and changes, Belvas is energy wise self-sufficient to 50% of its needs through the installation of 396 photovoltaic panels as well as a unique system recovering the heat produced by the air conditioning system.

The energy of the hot air is converted into hot water, which is then used to melt the chocolate in the production of chocolates and truffles.

The same year, the European Commission has awarded us the European EMAS award prices, making us the “greenest micro-enterprise of Europe”.

EMAS certification includes a multitude of criteria and a permanent discipline which are certified by external audit.

Amongst these, the development and publication of an Environmental Statement including the annual assessments and objectives. You will find it here.