Belvas, first ecological chocolate factory in northern Europe

Belvas wishes to be innovative in the development of a sustainable economy.

We support the fair trade principles established by Max Havelaar and certified by FLO-Cert (Fairtrade Labeling Organization) and all actors involved.

We respect the organic standards certified by Certisys.

We have designed and built a chocolate factory which is ecological in its manufacturing processes.

Belvas also participates in several recycling programs such as the transformation of organic waste into organic methanization.

These disciplines and controls do not compromise the quality of our products. On the contrary, by using natural ingredients of the highest quality, the taste of our products is genuine.  With a continuous concern of maintaining the quality, we want to demonstrate to chocolate lovers, who have chosen to trust us, that ethical products can also be delicious.

Together with the Agro Bio Tech University of Gembloux, Belvas is doing some research on dairy ingredients on their preservation and conservation, and crystallization of lecithin-free organic chocolate.

Our labels

All our chocolates are Fairtrade certified by Max Havelaar and organic certified by Certisys.

We earned many international awards because of continuous search for new flavors.

Fairtrade Max Havelaar

Bio organic

Gluten-Free certified

Natural and Organic Products of Europe