A better understanding of our approach

Because the health of our consumers remains one of our priorities, Belvas has chosen to develop a range of certified chocolate with no added sugar and containing little natural sugar. While remaining 100% organic, you can enjoy healthy, gourmet chocolates made with chicory root fibre (inulin).

What is inulin?

Inulin is a natural fibre found in many plants such as chicory and agave.

Its benefits :

  • Improves digestion thanks to high-quality intestinal flora
  • Regulates and stabilises blood sugar levels: our chocolates are suitable for our loyal customers with type II diabetes
  • Helps weight loss through hormonal regulation of GLP1 (appetite-suppressant hormone) and ghrelin (hunger hormone)
  • Promotes good cardiovascular health by lowering cardiovascular tension through regulation of cholesterol levels

Why choose inulin?

To meet the recommendations of health organisations, we need to change our lifestyle habits! 

With the Belvas range, this change always rhythms with chocolate pleasure 

When you consume sugar, the molecules that make it up separate in the digestive system for use by the various tissues and cells in your body.

Consumption of sugar must be monitored, because although blood sugar levels are naturally controlled by insulin, too much can be very dangerous.

Did you know? The World Health Organisation recommends a maximum of 25g of sugar a day, which is less than a can of soft drink.

Inulin is made up of the same molecules as ‘conventional sugar’, but they behave differently in our bodies. Our digestive system does not break it down, so it acts as a pre-biotic fibre.

Its sweetening power is lower than that of sugar, giving this range a unique taste. A different taste, but still delicious.

Did you know? The recommended daily intake is 30g of fibre, or more than 800g of green beans!

Why promote fibre?

Your body is unable to assimilate the fibre you eat, so it passes through the entire digestive system to reach your colon.

As it travels, the fibre absorbs the particles it encounters:

  • Water: so it swells, taking up more space in your stomach and helping to keep your intestinal flora in balance.
  • Glucose: this slows down digestion and limits the rise in blood sugar levels.
  • Cholesterol: this helps to limit the risk of cardiovascular disease.

Fibre is therefore an important ally for good health and is present in many foods, including most green vegetables!

However, if you decide to increase your fibre intake, it is advisable to do so gradually to avoid bloating. Your body will get used to this new lifestyle and gradually get rid of these unpleasant side effects.